About us

AtG Therapeutics is a pre-clinical stage drug development company specialized in the discovery of targets of metabolic adaptation and the development of therapeutics and biomarkers to treat advanced cancer.

Our goal is to change the traditional model of trial and error that has been followed so far in oncology management

De-regulation of cellular metabolism is a Hallmark of Cancer

Cancer Cells De-Regulate Metabolism to Thrive 

Why do cancer cells adopt metabolically?

Because this adaptation ensures them supply of nutrients so that they can grow aggressively as well as find other pathways to resist therapy.

AtG Owns a Platform to Identify Targets of Metabolic Adaptation



The science is based on our unique ability to design and develop strategies that selectively target and eliminate cancer cells metabolically adapted and a plasma biomarker able to identify who would be benefit from the target inhibition.


The novelty and the potential impact of the AtG project has been recognized by several entities at a national and international level.

European Research Council (ERC)

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