About us

AtG Therapeutics is a pre-clinical stage drug development company specialized in the discovery of targets of metabolic adaptation and the development of therapeutics and biomarkers to treat advanced cancer.

Our vision is to build a pipeline of metabolic adaptation inhibitors allowing patients to sustain cancer starvation over time

Metabolic Adaptation is Essential for Cancer 

Metabolic adaptation is a hallmark of cancer1

Ensures supply of nutrients to cancer cells

Enables them to grow aggressively and resist to therapy

1. D. Hanahan, Cell (2011) & Cancer Discovery (2022)


The science is based on our unique ability to design and develop strategies that selectively target and eliminate cancer cells metabolically adapted and a plasma biomarker able to identify who would be benefit from the target inhibition.


The novelty and the potential impact of the AtG project has been recognized by several entities at a national and international level.

European Research Council (ERC)

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