About us

AtG Therapeutics is a pre-clinical stage drug development company specialized in the discovery of tumor vulnerabilities and the development of therapeutics and biomarkers to treat advanced cancer.

Build a pipeline of tumor adaptation 
inhibitors and biomarkers  
to stop cancer growth over time

Metabolic Adaptation is Essential for Cancer 

Metabolic adaptation is a hallmark of cancer1

Ensures supply of nutrients to cancer cells

Enables them to grow aggressively and resist to therapy

1. D. Hanahan, Cell (2011) & Cancer Discovery (2022)


The science is based on our unique ability to identify cancer molecular vulnerabilities, with unique animal models which have a high genetic overlap with human cancers, and the ability to assess response and adaptation to treatment with high reproducibility of clinical response observed in patients. This platform identifies treatment induced escape mechanisms in resistance to treatment that are also applicable to naïve tumors.


The novelty and the potential impact of the AtG project has been recognized by several entities at a national and international level.

European Research Council (ERC)

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